Summer Naturals opened in April 2006 and so many of our wonderful customers have requested information and recipes to help them on the road to becoming All Eco, Green & Beautiful and here it all is.........Click the image to visit the store.

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Summer Naturals is a web based store designed to provide you with all of the green cleaning ingredients that you would ever need to clean your home in a natural way. Green cleaning isn't our only focus though, our intention is to provide a place where you can purchase all the goods that you require to compliment your natural lifestyle. We supply a range of products for you to make your own toiletries, cosmetics and soap as well as jars and bottles to put them in and much more.

You will find regular and bulk quantities of hard to find products such as White Vinegar, Bicarb, Borax, Citric Acid, Glycerine and also a wide range of Essential Oils and products l

Summer Naturals working for the environment.