Making your own hand-made soap so rewarding and so very easy when you know how. Summer Naturals is now manufacturing our own wooden soap moulds and a cutter which are hand-made in a unique design.

I decided that I wanted to make soap, not the melt and pour that I have been making for years but real soap. I spent hours looking on the internet for a recipe that was easy, it had to be easy but I couldn't find one anywhere. I also wanted a mould that made a straight sided bar, in the past I have used any old container that I could find in the cupboard, I am all for re-using but now I wanted a proper mould. Not only did I want a mould that made one size loaf of soap, I wanted a unique design so that I could make either a small loaf of soap or a large loaf of soap without having to have several different sized moulds. And here it is:


This mould is made from untreated pine, it has detachable sides for ease of removal of the soap from the mould, the lid is used to insulate the soap whilst it saponifies and can also be used as a template for freezer paper to line the mould. The Insert can be used to reduce the space inside the mould so that I can make just a small soap loaf if I wish to, this will come in handy as I develop my recipes.

Anyway Soap made and I will write about that later, I decided that I wanted a proper cutter, guessing with a knife as I had done with the soap above in the image is just no good, I didn't want any old cutter, I wanted, you guessed it, a unique design and here it is:




As you can see in the Image, this wooden soap cutter which has a stainless steel blade, has the tool on the end which is easily adjusted to select your desirired soap bar size, the width of the box is a fraction wider than the soap moild so that the soap slides through easily.

Both the mould and the cutter have been designed and made by Summer Naturals and is our first step in manufacturing so for now, only I own one of these fantastic little soap making gadgies but they are now on sale at in our moulds and soap making accessories category.