Another relaxing and extremely satisfying hobby is card making, after recently purchasing some excellent equipment, some ink pads, stamps and punches, oh and some of the most beautiful papers ever, Christmas cards were all hand made, Birthday cards are now all handmade and never again will there be the need to rush out to buy a card for any occasion...

And so the first cards that I made were last years Christmas cards, sitting after work making cards was therapeutic and for the first time ever cards were actually sent on time, at that stage I decided I would make all Birthday cards and any cards that we needed which, seems to be an awful lot of cards over a year. 

This card was made in a matter of minutes and as a first attempt I was pleased. I sat and worked out the costs of buying the equipment and card and estimated that despite layout, not only will I save money in the long run but the main attraction is the sheer enjoyment of making a card for someone. 

Even the children are now making their own cards too and it has become a family activity, quality time all round!

The lady responsible for introducing me to paper craft makes some amazing creations and everything that you need to know, including tutorials on how to make not just cards but lovely gift bags and a whole range of beautiful paper craft items many with video tutorials can be found here:

The following images are all examples of what can be made, all so easy and quick, and amazingly relaxing to do.