Why buy white Vinegar and where can you buy it from?

You can buy White Vinegar from www.summernaturals.co.uk where you can also purchase bicarbonate of soda, castile soap, borax substitute, citric acid and a whole range of natural environmentally free cleaning ingredients.

White Vinegar is a brewed product, made rather like wine and is acidic. It is brewed in various strengths and for different purposes and in different ways.

For cleaning, the best vinegar to use is spirit vinegar which is slightly less pungent than distilled vinegar, is 5% acetic acid and so suitable for many household cleaning jobs as well as being strong enough for killing weeds.

Spirit vinegar can be diluted with for general cleaning or used neat for tougher cleaning jobs or on weeds.

White vinegar can be used for laundry, its is excellent for softening clothes and can replace your usual fabric softener, it will also help keep your washing machine from nasty smells and mould as well as helping to keep it lime scale free.