Browse the range of green cleaning recipes using ingredients such as White Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda, Castile Soap, Borax Substitute, Citric Acid, Soda Crystals and Glycerine. Cleaning using natural ingredients is easy when you know how. Below are a few hints and tips for cleaning your home in a more natural and environmentally friendly manner.

In my opinion, White Vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are the main two ingredients for cleaning the home in a chemical free way. Vinegar is ideal as an all purpose cleaner, it acts as a disinfectant and de-greaser and has so many uses, someone wrote a book on it. Many people think that vinegar smells, it does but it one of those smells that you get used to, masking the smell with some carefully selected essential oils not only masks the smell but also offers you greater cleaning and germ killing properties to your cleaner.

Applying vinegar using a spray bottle, either bought or even better, a recycled well washed out trigger cleaning bottle is all you need. You may find that you want to make different cleaning sprays for different areas, simple labels are all that are needed for each bottle. Once you have made one home made green cleaner, you may find that very quickly you want to experiment and make new ones. Experimenting away from the recipe has always been a love of mine, unfortunately the day i tried to make the perfect spray cleaner, using bicarb and vinegar was the day i realised that chemistry was not my strong point, the explosion was well worth it though and the entire kitchen was cleaned down easily using a micro cloth. So, although the two ingredients can be used together, mixing them in a bottle and restricting with a lid is not a good idea unless you don't mind cleaning the kitchen in one go and taking a shower at the same time.

So, to get you started with the most simple and basic of recipes you might like to try:

 Basic Vinegar Spray Cleaner     Soapy vinegar cleaner
 1 500ml trigger spray bottle  1 500ml trigger spray bottle
 250ml white vinegar  200ml white vinegar
 250ml of water   300ml warm water 
 Essential oils optional  1 tsp Dr. Bronner pure castile soap
                                                               10 drops of tea tree essential oil

Greasy surface cleaner

 Floor Cleaner
1 500ml trigger spray bottle 1 tablespoon of soda crytsals
3 tsp soda crystals 5 drops of tea tree essential oil
3 tsp borax 15 drops of orange essential oil
1 tsp Dr. Bronner pure castile soap 1 mop bucket of hot water
300ml of warm water  

For the basic vinegar spray cleaner, add the vinegar and water to the bottle and voila, you have a solution suitable for cleaning glass, tiles and ceramics like the toilet although for a very dirty toilet using neat vinegar is far better. For work tops you might want a cleaner that has some antibacterial properties, by adding tea tree essential oil, which is the perfect essential oil for this, to the basic vinegar spray you have just made an antibacterial surface cleaner. Orange and lemon essential oils both offer antibacterial properties and orange is well known for its strong cleaning properties. Lavender is another great essential oil used in cleaning, all four oils will mask the smell of vinegar. Care does need to be taken on painted and varnished surfaces when using essential oils, they can easily damage surfaces and neat essential oils should never be in contact with these or plastic surfaces as damage will be caused.